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I recently went in a week-end-long trip in the Bran-Moieciu-Pestera area from Carpathian Mountains. As always the beauty of this area stunned me. Here is a gallery with some images I’ve got during the trip. I used mostly two old Nikon lenses with manual focus. A wide lens: 28/2 AI-S and a short tele, Nikon 105/2.5 P AI’d, a venerable lens built before 1971, with a simple Sonnar design. Enjoy watching!

One of the nicest villages from Transylvania is Cârța. Having the chance to briefly pass through it in the middle of March I enjoyed the rich history, taking a few pictures of an old Cistercian Monastery, as well of the entry at the Orthodox Cemetery, including an interesting painting of The Last Judgement. Last but not the least the view of Carpathian Mountains placed in the vicinity of that village is really stunning.

I do have a great pleasure to use old manual focus Nikon lenses on the ultimate Digital SLR’s… That’s why I took my newest camera Nikon D800 in a strange photo shot with two quite modest old lenses: 35mm f/2 AI-S and 85/2 AI-S, both lenses were recently chipped with a Dandelion chip in order to meter correctly and to record the right Exif info. The battlefield for the optical qualities was an Orthodox Church from Galati.



On 2nd of April, Bruce A.Little, Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Southeastern Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC, USA and President of Forum for Christian Thought has been conferencing in Galati at “Fani Tardini” Theater. It was a good opportunity to test my D800 in some challenging light conditions. I was very impressed about the way my old lens Nikkor 135/2 AF-D DC performs wide open in combination with this great camera. I must mention that all pictures were shot in available light, no flash was involved.

Romanian actor Victor Rebengiuc together with the rhapsode Victor Lese were performing in the last Sunday from February a special show dedicated to the memory of Ioan Alexandru. The show took place in Bucharest at a very nice setting: Romanian Athenaeum. Died about 10yrs ago Ioan Alexandru was an appreciated Romanian politician, member of parliament, university professor, Bible translator and a very prolific and respected poet.

A gallery with images I took with Danube River, this winter, in Braila and Galati. It was the most difficult winter I remember in our area, with lot of snow and crazy low temperatures.

Sunday 18th of December a.c. the same people that were involved in that nice Christmas Concert at “Fane Tardini” Theater from Galati were performing at Emanuel Church. It was a great event, with very nice music and a refreshing message. Almost every attendee joined the musicians in singing Christmas Carols and it was a very pleasant evening. BTW if you wonder if I moved to Galati… the answer is no! At least not yet! :) As a special note, I went there without my top glass, my basic kit being D7000, Nikkor 10-24 f/3.5-4.5, Tamron 28-75/2.8 and Nikon 135/2.8 AI-S. Only by the end of the event I used one of the top notch lenses from Nikon: 135/2 AF-D DC.

A couple of days ago I went to Galati for a Christmas Concert organized at the nice hall of “Fane Tardini” Theater. Here are some pictures I took at this event.

On 7th December, the nice hall of Fani Tardini Theater from Galati hosted a concert involving Proconsul band. This event has been organised and hosted by Catalin Dupu, with an opening where Adriana Pascan interpreted several songs. Here are listed some pictures and afterwards I enclosed a gallery with some representative images from this interesting event. I used mostly Nikon 135/2 AF-D DC and as well a couple of manual focus primes like Voigtlander 40mm f/2 Color Skopar SLII. It was probably the worse light I dealt with in such as concert… so my D700 & D7000 cameras needed lot of tweakings to do the job.

Bodo, the voice and the leader of Proconsul

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